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Business Advisory

Business Advisory
Governance and Public Finance
Process Advisory
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MaGC offers certain specialised services to its clients in the corporate sector. MaGC team of professionals analyze and understand the business’ goals as a way of providing pragmatic, strategic solutions resulting in robust controls and effective reporting framework. MaGC offers services to clients across manufacturing and service sectors in India, Middle East, Africa, Singapore and Europe.

Our Business Advisory services include:
   [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Virtual CFO services;
   [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Investment Advisory;
         [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Preparation of investor memorandum
         [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Pre Investment and Post Investment Due Diligence
   [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Corporate structuring;
   [icon icon=”caret-right”]   IFRS and Ind-AS implementation;
   [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Business valuation;
   [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Accounting advisory services;
   [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Management audit services;
   [icon icon=”caret-right”]   Reporting under XBRL.

[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Internal Audit Manual[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Enterprise Risk Management Framework[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Design and Implementation of Financial Reporting System[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Preparation of Risk Based Internal Audit Manual[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Designing a Credit Control Mechanism[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Implementation of Ind-AS in SIPCOT[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]KPI System and Analytical Review Mechanism [divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Market Survey on Industrial use of Aluminium Extrusion in India [divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Organizational Restructuring [divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Review & Design of Management and Information Systems for IC&SR –IIT-Madras [divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Business Process Documentation for Internal Financial Control[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Structuring of MIS with benchmarks, KRA and KPI [divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Study for development of KPI and Dashboard[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]Workshop on Strategic Planning for an MFI[divider style=”single” border=”small” color=”#ddc49b”]