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Process Taxonomy for the Education Sector

The Assignment ShikshaLokam is an initiative of Advaith Foundation, working towards developing education leadership on the Societal Platform. MaGC was engaged by ShikshaLokam for producing a taxonomy of processes in the government education sector. MaGC Approach The approach was to build a taxonomy that could contain not only current processes observed on the ground but also processes that ideally need to be in place for complete service delivery. From the …Read More

Transition to accrual accounting and financial reporting system for an NPO in Bangalore

The Assignment MaGC was appointed by a Bangalore based not-for-profit to assist in transition from cash basis accounting to accrual, with focus on design and implementation of a comprehensive financial reporting system. MaGC Approach MaGC initially focused on getting the necessary policy changes in place for the transition to accrual accounting. With the policies in place, changes were made to business processes, chart of accounts and reporting templates. This was …Read More

Preparation of Risk-based Internal Audit Manual in Bhutan

The Assignment MaGC was appointed to prepare a Risk-Based Internal Audit Manual (RBIAM) for a Telecom Company in Bhutan. The Audit Committee intended for their IA function to transition to risk-based approach and methods that can add value to the organization and improve its risk management. The mandate required MaGC to train the key stakeholders on the RBIAM. MaGC Approach MaGC conducted preliminary discussions and held a sensitization session with …Read More

Restructuring the Local Loans Development Fund

The Assignment Recommendations for restructuring the Local Loans Development Fund (LLDF), Sri Lanka MaGC Approach and Methodology The approach involved a preliminary SWOT analysis of LLDF as well as research on working models in other countries. The approach to LLDF restructuring was structured around: Refining the mandate, redesigning institutional structures, reengineering business processes, and restructuring the financials. The Output A set of clear actionable recommendations applying the 3PT© framework. An …Read More