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Risk Management Framework

The Assignment MaGC was appointed to develop the Risk Management Framework (RMF) for a development bank in Bhutan with a turnover of about USD 33 million (BTN 2.5 billion). The Bank desired to develop a comprehensive Risk Management Framework (RMF) with policies in line with Royal Monetary Authority and other regulatory agencies’ requirements. MaGC Approach and Methodology  A diagnostic study to understand the current status of risk management policies, processes, …Read More

Program design for urban climate projects

The Assignment The assignment involved working as part of a consortium of consultants on co-constructing the design of the CITIIS 2 Program. The Program, which is the second phase after CITIIS 1, is part of India’s ambitious Smart Cities Mission. The program is funded by the AFD-KfW-EU consortium, led by AFD. MaGC Approach and Methodology A diagnostic was undertaken to assimilate learnings from the first phase of the Program and …Read More

System and Security Audit

The Assignment The assignment involved conducting a Systems and Security Audit for a leading trading company in the Middle East with turnover of more than USD 1 million. Client had over 500 internal users accessing IT resources from its different offices & outlets. Client’s Management needed an audit of critical information flows & processes that affected operational and strategic decision making in respect of IT Governance & Compliance, IT General …Read More

Comparative analysis of municipal finance statutes across Indian States

The Assignment The assignment involved conducting a landscaping of municipal finance statutes across Indian States. It was undertaken for Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, a Bangalore based Non-Profit Organization working actively in the area of municipal finance. MaGC Approach and Methodology The methodology involved defining the focus areas for the comparison and developing a comparison framework consisting of a set of parameters and questions for comparison. The municipal finance …Read More