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Restructuring the Local Loans Development Fund

The Assignment
Recommendations for restructuring the Local Loans Development Fund (LLDF), Sri Lanka

MaGC Approach and Methodology
The approach involved a preliminary SWOT analysis of LLDF as well as research on working models in other countries. The approach to LLDF restructuring was structured around: Refining the mandate, redesigning institutional structures, reengineering business processes, and restructuring the financials.

The Output
A set of clear actionable recommendations applying the 3PT© framework. An Action-Timeframe matrix provided 68 different actions over a five-year period for successful transformation. It identified responsibilities for each action. Risks and mitigation strategies were also outlined. Apart from restructuring recommendations, MaGC gave a report on municipal financing practices in other countries in the region, coordinated an exposure visit to two Indian states, and organized a consultative workshop for policy makers from the Government of Sri Lanka.

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