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Process Audit for a leading cloud based HR solutions provider

The Assignment
MaGC had helped the client put in place a comprehensive Business Process Document (BPD) about a year back. The client wanted to make sure that the BPD had been implemented as originally envisaged and that the BPD was being followed by the various departments. Also the client’s business had undergone a number of changes in the past year. There was a need to check the validity of processes as contained in the BPD and identify any revision requirements.

MaGC Approach
The MaGC team used a combination of stakeholder discussions, documentation review and structured walk-throughs to conduct the audit. The audit observations were discussed with the client personnel and refined. The audit report clearly identified:

  • Deviations from the established processes; and
  • Changes if any required in the BPD due to process improvements, business changes, policy changes and so on

The Output
The output was a process audit report which was presented to the client Management. The revised BPD was also prepared by MaGC. The MaGC team worked with the Management in identifying immediate action steps to address the deviations observed.

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