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Preparation of Product Manuals and Function-specific Manuals for a leading microfinance institution

The Assignment
MaGC™ put in place comprehensive product manuals for each of the products and function specific manuals for key departments of the client. The product manuals and function specific manuals are prepared covering the client’s policies, processes, detailed procedures, document and report templates, checklists and guidelines.

MaGC™ Approach and Methodology
The MaGC™ approach was guided by its proprietary LAMP methodology. The MaGC™ team undertook discussion with the stakeholders and field staff, reviewed product documentation and understood the application of technology tools in daily operations. The methodology for preparing the manuals involved the following steps:

  Process study including field visits;
  Drafting and validation of the processes;
  Preparation and validation of the manuals;
  Finalization of the manuals.

The Output
The output was in the form of 16 product manuals and three function-specific manuals. Each manual provided policies, business processes, detailed procedures and related documentation in a single document. The manuals helped in standardizing processes across the company. They served as a ready guide for employees at all levels for information about each product/process and its administration. The manuals provided the critical link between policy and processes.

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