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Preliminary Study and Gap Analysis of Financial Management and Accounting system in Urban Local bodies

The Assignment

The Client, spearheading the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of a leading industrial group, was working closely with the towns of Kullu and Dharamshala in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, in improving the towns’ financial management systems. MaGC was engaged to conduct a gap analysis of the financial management and accounting systems in the two towns and give recommendations for improvement.

MaGC™ Approach and Methodology

MaGC™ methodology involved the following:

  • Detailed field study in the two towns to understand the current situation and the issues;
  • Consultations with key stakeholders;
  • Identification of possible reform projects; short-term as well as long-term; municipality level as well as at state level;
  • Drawing up an action plan for implementation.

The Output
MaGC™ submitted a report outlining the major issues, the reforms required along with an action plan for implementing the reforms. The study provided a beginning for initiating the required reforms.

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