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Evaluation of different models of bookkeeping

The Assignment
There are more than 10 lakh Self Help Groups in Andhra Pradesh (AP). The Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty is working actively with the Community Based Organizations in bringing about better financial inclusion. SERP has implemented different bookkeeping solutions for the CBOs in AP over the last few years. MaGCTM was engaged to conduct a functional, technical and impact assessment of the different bookkeeping solutions.

MaGCTM Approach
The ultimate objective of the financial reforms for CBOs is to improve transparency and enable access to correct and complete financial information pertaining to CBOs thereby facilitating better access to credit and financial inclusion. This evaluation was taken up under the CGAP project and covered the following solutions:

  • E-bookkeeping
  • M-bookkeeping
  • T-bookkeeping
  • MS accounting

The evaluation covered qualitative/functional aspects, technical aspects and implementation aspects. The methodology involved a combination of interaction with stakeholders, field visits, interviews with end users, documentation review and software walkthroughs.

The Output
The output was a study report which contained detailed recommendations. While on the one hand the recommendations covered strategic aspects on the way forward for SERP, on the other they contained detailed suggestions to improve the functional and technical aspects of each of the bookkeeping solutions. Specific recommendations were given on implementation of an integrated CBO Accounting System. The recommendations contained a detailed implementation roadmap with expected timelines.