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ERP support services to a state owned enterprise

The Assignment
The client is an undertaking of the Government of Karnataka established in 1971. The company is engaged in cultivation of pulpwood and rubber, and in rubber processing. It owns plantations and rubber factories across the state of Karnataka. The Management desired to implement an ERP solution to automate key business functions.

MaGC was appointed to assist the client’s Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) in the Scoping, Planning and Procurement stage of ERP.

MaGC Approach and Methodology
MaGC’s strengths in Governance, Business process Advisory and Information Technology helped in devising the right approach for this assignment. MaGC began with understanding the Management’s perspective of the ERP requirements. This was followed by a brief study of the client’s business processes. Based on the study, the broad functionality requirements for the ERP were prepared module by module. This was followed by preparation of required tender documents covering functional, technical and legal aspects. Necessary flexibility was built into the technical requirements to ensure that the bidders could propose alternative solutions. The legal and contractual requirements were identified considering the scope of work, the deliverables, the eligibility requirements and past experience of bidders. Key clauses of the final contract formed part of the tender document for greater transparency.

Continuous consultations ensured that inputs from all stakeholders as well as from experts were considered while finalizing the tender documents. MaGC supported the client throughout the tender process and assisted the PMC in responding to bidder queries, tender corrigendums, technical and financial evaluation of bids and negotiations with the selected bidder.

The Output
MaGC’s support helped in creating good documentation of the requirements and facilitated timely and successful completion of tendering process and appropriate Product identification/Vendor selection.

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