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Coping with COVID–19 (CwC) Webinar series

The world is going through unprecedented times since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic with a reset of the status quo and a new normal being the way forward in interpersonal and business activities. Two questions linger in every leader’s mind – what are the impacts of this pandemic in the long run and how can businesses adapt to the changes?

To address these questions, MaGC hosted the Coping with COVID-19 (CwC) Series – 5 webinars conducted across 9 weeks. The series kicked off on May 16th with an Intro session that saw a turnout of 172 participants across several sectors. Four more webinars were conducted covering each component of the 3PT ® Framework as below:

  1. Policy AspectMay 30
  2. Process Aspect – June 13
  3. Technology Aspect – June 27
  4. People Aspect – July 11

Different delivery styles were used to keep the audience engaged, and practical examples and case studies were discussed to sensitise the audience on strategies and solutions available. A total of 11 polls were conducted across the 5 webinars to engage with the audience and these saw an average response rate of 75%. The polls gave insights on the psyche of the audience.

The series also saw the ideation of new leadership models, organisation structures, and impact analysis tools by our team which the participants found revolutionary. 

The series witnessed a total turnout of 560 participants across the 5 webinars. Several thought-provoking questions were posed by the attendees and the speakers for each webinar answered most of them live. The remaining questions were addressed by the team over email within 3 days.

Participants appreciated the speakers’ precise yet deep discussions, thought provoking ideas on coping strategies, conciseness of presentations, and the overall quality of the webinar series.

The entire series is now available on demand, on our YouTube channel as a playlist. You can watch it here or click the link the link to watch it on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG9NZXRMzpszXAZnpfMNQfieJZPtIQAWz

This has been an exciting new experience for Team MaGC! Thanks to the participants for making the CwC series a success!

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