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A Framework for strategic management of municipal assets

The Assignment
The objective of the assignment was to come out with a framework for urban local bodies to maximise value from their assets. It involved research on good public property management practices in India and elsewhere and developing a framework suited to the local context. The assignment was part of a program by Janaagraha– a Bangalore-based NGO.

MaGC Approach and Methodology
A desk research was carried out on successful models of property management for revenue enhancement in India and globally. The learnings were synthesised and suited to the requirements of ULBs in India. The resulting ‘Framework for Strategic Management of Municipal Assets’ prescribes a 7-step process for a municipality to formulate a strategy for best utilization of an asset. A pilot implementation was carried out in Puri Municipality (in Odisha, India) using the recommended Framework

The Output
The framework guides municipalities through the process of arriving at a well-thought out strategy for enhancing value from its assets.

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