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Our Mission is to apply our professional capabilities with a holistic approach for the happiness of clients, through values and social commitment.
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MaGC constantly aims at establishing, measuring and upholding the four management values for continuous and enhanced working relationship with clients and a satisfactory and motivated workplace.

Management by Values

Professional values
enable ‘technical’ delivery of appropriate services without any compromise;Our Values

Ethical values are enablers for being sincere and not compromising on morals for any material or personal benefits;

Human values ensure professionalism without harming human beings – their feelings, creativity, and freedom;

Spiritual values, the highest of all values, elevates an individual, to such an extent that there is no difference between the individual and his work.

We at MaGC, strive to retain these values in everything we do!


Quality Policy

“We at MaGC continuously innovate to meet and exceed client expectations by providing high quality, value added services. We are committed to a regular assessment of the quality of our service delivery and to continual improvement in whatever we do.”

Quality Objectives
The MaGC quality policy translates into the following specific quality objectives for each of the verticals within the scope of the QMS:

1.    To produce outputs conforming to client requirements;
2.    To produce reports free of errors and omissions;
3.    To complete assignments within timelines committed and within budget.

1.    To address the training needs of the target group;
2.    To produce good quality training material free of errors and omissions;
3.    To deliver training programmes deploying well qualified and competent trainers.

Research & Publications
1.    To conduct quality research in areas of relevance;
2.    To produce publications of good quality;
3.    To produce publications free of errors/omissions and plagiarism