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MaGC Proprietary Tools
3PT® Framework

Combining many years of research and experience working on process documentation assignments, MaGC has come up with its own methodology for process documentation called the Layered Approach to Process Mapping. LAMP™ involves mapping of processes in four layers, namely:

Process Layer – This layer contains the information flows from one department to another or from one person to another. The process layer is presented in the form of swimlane charts and can go down to the lowest level of detail. The interrelationship between different processes is clearly presented in this layer.

Document Layer – This layer shows the exchange of documentation as people go about performing day to day processes. The type of document, number of copies and what happens to each copy of the document are given in the document layer.

Authority Layer – This layer outlines the activities requiring authorization/verification/approval and identifies the person who will give such authorization/concurrence/approval. This layer results in an ‘authority matrix’ cutting across the organization. This layer ensures that whenever there is a change in the delegation of powers, the process document can be revised by modifying only the Authority Layer and not other layers.

Reporting Layer – This layer identifies the responsibility for reporting, the reporting hierarchy, report formats along with a mapping to the original data source for the report. Protocols for exception reporting are also set out in this layer.

The LAMP™ methodology has been widely used by MaGC in its consulting assignments. The LAMP™ methodology ensures that no loose ends are left out while creating business process documents.