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Align or get abandoned

“You need to keep jogging to remain in the same place” is what we were told a few decades back. That was the time when technology was becoming part of professional and personal life. People had to embrace technology and update themselves to be efficient and more importantly be ‘in circulation’. Technology was moving ahead and people had to react to it.

Today the technology has gone ahead – really ahead – and we need to travel much faster than we are doing now to live our daily life. Professionals need to not just update but upgrade themselves. That is more than simply catching up. We need to live up to the technology now. Earlier it was jousting adjusting to the speed of change but now we need to adjust to the change of speed.

Changes in information technology. Innovations brought about by the changes in the connectivity speed, democratisation of the internet, increasing awareness f the common population, etc., have led to amazing changes in the way we do our businesses, and even the way we deal twitch our day today life. You can almost learn anything from the internet for literally no cost.

But with the speed of changes come the risk of instability. If the high-speed changes are not managed properly comes the danger of stagnation and failure. As professionals the responsibility we have is very high, as we take a lead role in guiding our clients. Our failure will lead to the failure of other organisations.

The key words today are: fin-tech, blockchain, bitcoin, big data, disruptive technology, neural networks, customer delight, and so on. At MaGC we are making sure that our clients get the benefit of these changes in real time. All of us at MaGC are working towards this goal and preparing ourselves continuously, as for us ‘values are beyond consulting’!

See you soon!

R.S. Murali