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Do these sound familiar?
           “Our business is doing well. But we know we can do better….”
           “Are we performing to our best or are there areas we can improve up on….”
           “We want to bring improvements in internal processes but we are not sure where to begin….”
           “I have carried the mantle so far. It is time to hand over to the next generation. But are we ready….”
           “How do we professionalize….”
           “Things are going on fine. But do we have the checks and balances in place….”
           “Are we ready for the challenges posed by fast changes in the market….”

“Yes. I have similar questions…”
Try our Consulting in a Capsule or CinC that comes from our Corporate Cliniq. CinC can help you strategize and draw up a roadmap to address your issues. CinC will provide you the clarity on what needs to be done, how you should go about it, the inherent risks, and how much you need to budget for.

“So, how does CinC work?”
Our experienced consultants will spend a day or two with your key management personnel. We will deploy our proprietary diagnostic tools to analyze your issues and come up with alternatives. You will get a 2 or 3 pager ‘CinC Report’ at the end of the exercise. The CinC Report will prescribe all that you need to do and help you prioritize.

“How much will CinC cost?”
Most good things in this world come FREE, so does CinC. You just need to take care of our travel and stay and we are at your service. Don’t worry. There are no strings attached!

“But why is MaGC offering CinC for free?”
You get a sneak peek into our services, and we get to establish a relationship with you. CinC has in the past produced some invaluable long term relationships for MaGC and we find it a small price to pay.

“Ok, so how do we CinC?”
Just call/email us or provide some background on the challenges you are facing in the form below. We will call you back to take things forward.

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  • It was a very refreshing and supreme experience to have you with us. I look forward to your suggestions...

    Lal Dave, CEO, CARE Group

  • The experience was highly rewarding as MaGC had the diagnosis spot on and the prescription was indisputable. The offerings were also tailormade.

    K Narendra, MC member, Mysore Sports Club