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Training and Research

Consultancy, Training and Research are like the three vertices of a triangle. At MaGC, we are always at the forefront in continuous knowledge creation and dissemination. Knowledge creation happens through experience gained in consulting assignments and in-house research . Knowledge dissemination happens through training programmes we conduct papers and publications we regularly bring out.

MaGC offers the following services as part of its ‘Training’ offering:
          Training/skilling needs assessment;
          Preparation of training modules with reading material,                                           presentations, exercises and case studies;
          Training delivery in the areas of finance and accounts, audit,                                 strategic management, personality development, soft skills.                                 The list is ever expanding.

Apart from the training element of our consulting assignments, MaGC conducts regular training programmes in the areas of IFRS, XBRL, finance for non-finance executives, costing, audit, information security, strategic management, risk management and a number of other topics. MaGC in association with ANSA conduct ACCA coaching classes. We have a strong training pedagogy developed in-house and SOPs for conducting training programmes. The focus of MaGC training is on exercises and case studies which help the trainees grasp the concepts better.  

Research is a continuous effort at MaGC. MaGC has undertaken cutting edge research  in the areas of public financial accountability and general management topics. Senior consultants at MaGC have together published more than 100 papers. Dr. R. S Murali has authored a book on the ‘Demand side of Accountability – a Policy and Research Perspective’.



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