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Consulting for Implementation is a slogan at MaGC. Effectiveness of organizational strategies and policies is shown by how well the implementation takes place. MaGC offers a host of services to its clients when it comes to setting up of internal systems and processes and providing assurance that such systems and processes are in place and working. What makes our offerings unique is the approach to process consulting which is governed by the 3PT® framework. The framework recognizes that no process improvement initiative can be implemented unless the Policy, Process, People and Technology aspects are addressed.

Under this practice area, MaGC offers the following services:
         Process mapping;
         Gap analysis with risk rating;
         Business process reengineering;
         Process Audit;
         Productivity enhancement initiatives;
         Preparation of comprehensive business process document                                   applying the LAMP™ tool;
         Preparation of manuals such as Accounts manual, budget                                     manual, operations manual, software user manual, HR manual;
         Design and implementation of:
               Costing systems;
               Management Information Systems;
               Performance Management Systems – identifying Key                                          Performance Indicators across multiple functions;


Process Taxonomy for the Education Sector
Design and implementation of a Cost Accounting System
Process Documentation for Customer Support function
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Business Process Documentation for a Microfinance Institutions
Business Process Reengineering for a State Cricket Association
Development of a Spreadsheet based Cost Estimation System
Implementation of Costing System
Process Audit in the Software Industry
Process Consulting – HR & Administration
Process Documentation for Land Reforms Project
Process Documentation for Project PURE