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Organizations in both the public and private sector are constantly looking at new ways of leveraging the power of IT to deliver quality products and services on the one hand and keep costs low on the other. MaGC has leveraged its expertise in policy & process matters and its knowledge of IT to offer tailor-made solutions to clients. MaGC helps its clients derive the best out of its IT investment by providing unique solutions at the pre and post implementation stages of ERP systems.

MaGC offers a variety of advisory and assurance services for Organizations at different phases, spanning the ERP Lifecycle.

Planning phase
         Pre-ERP and ERP-readiness studies;
         Process re-engineering recommendations for implementing                                 technology solutions;
         Roadmap for procurement and implementation of ERP;
         IT policy framework.

Procurement phase
         Collect the functionality requirements by studying the existing                            processes and understanding the business needs from the                                  Management and the intended IT Users;
         Assist Client’s Management to finalise the functionality requirements;
         Advice and support in comparing and selecting the ideal                               product/vendor.

Implementation phase
         Validate whether the ERP meets all the promised functionalities                          by conducting the requisite functionality audit/testing;
         Provide support services to Clients for Project Management                                 and Change Management.

Migration and roll out phase
         Supervision of pilots, including audit of migrated data;
         Training employees;
         Preparing User Manuals.

Maintenance phase
         Perform independent and objective audits to assure the                                         Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA Triad) of data in                               the Client’s information system;
         Depending on the engagement; scope of audit includes                                        verification of Data Integrity, Access controls, Physical controls,                         System  Administration, Information Security, Business Continuity                      Planning, Disaster Recovery, etc.


Systems and Security Audit
ERP Implementation Support
Preparation of database on budgets of Municipal Corporations in India
Information Systems Auditing and return on IT investment assessment
ERP Support Services
Audit of Software
Evaluation of different systems of SHG Bookkeeping
Functional Documentation of Software
Implementation of Disease Investigation and Health Management System
National Mission Mode e-Governance of municipalities Study
Pre-ERP Process Documentation
Realignment Study
Setting up of IT infrastructure for a multinational Insurance company
Systems and Security Audit