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3PT® Framework

The 3PT® framework is an in-house tool developed by MaGC. This tool is applied by MaGC in almost all its assignments. The tool recognizes the fact that irrespective of the organization in question for any reform initiative to succeed, four different but interrelated dimension need to be addressed. These four dimensions are:

Policy dimension (the WHY of change management) – The governing Act, Rules, Policies, Guidelines which set the basic governing environment in which the organization functions. These policies need to be aligned to the regulatory environment on the one hand and the strategic goals set by the Management on the other. This dimension answers the question – Why something needs to be done?

Process dimension (the WHAT of change management) – The process dimension addresses how policies are translated into specific actions on the ground. The challenge here is to put in place processes that ensure that the organization functions efficiently without compromising on necessary internal controls envisaged in the Policy documents. This dimension answers the question – What needs to be done and how?

People dimension (the WHO of change management) – Policies and Processes mean little unless the organization has the human resources to implement the policies and run the processes. This dimension addresses the manpower requirements in terms of quantity and quality aspects and answers the question – Who will do what?

Technology dimension (the HOW of change management) – In today’s business environment, process improvement is invariably linked to applying the appropriate technology tools for process automation. This dimension is closely linked with the Process dimension. This dimension answers the question – How will things happen?

This tool has been well appreciated by our clients since it helps them understand the multiple facets of the change management initiative they are undertaking. Once segregated into Policy, Process, People, and Technology, it becomes easy for the client to plan for and undertake action items within defined timeframes