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Resolving New Year Resolutions!

Every new-year is welcomed with fun-fare and expectations. As we grow older each year seems to move by faster. And every year begins with greater expectations, and the year that comes by may or may not fulfil all our dreams. This keeps on repeating every year…and the time rolls on.

Life seems to be a path of expectations and experiences, the former very big and the latter not as expected. So we seem to do most of the things ‘expecting’ something favourable to happen. Most people, when I ask about this – how much of their expectations have been fulfilled – do not give a very clear answer they always say ‘somewhat’ and follow-up saying ‘we cannot expect all that we expect to happen’.

Most of the time the difference between expectations and reality is “action”. The action that is needed to achieve what we want is not taken and we expect that things to happen on their own. So resolutions end up in dissolutions!

Action is the need of the hour. God is supposed to help people who help themselves. This means that if you help yourselves God’s support will be available. We are so lackadaisical that we want everything to happen by itself. All that we do is just to intend or to expect.

It is interesting to note that most of the expectations is from others around (family and friends) and from nature (it has to rain!); never too much on ourselves – but we want all the good happening to us.

Each one of us feel that if we do not harm others by words or by our explicit actions we are good people and we develop all the logic in the world to support this argument. So a person who is very inefficient and good for nothing in an office gets convinced that he is a good person. He does not realize that his inabilities and inactions actually harm the entire organization. This again happens because he expects everybody to understand him; not only that but also adjust with him. A real tall order of expectation!

It is nice to have some new year resolutions to get in to mainstream of our life: getting up early, being systematic, doing yoga, eating healthy food, learning something new, etc. but all these need to begin with us. We as individuals have to gear up and start working to reach our own expectations. Otherwise they will all remain ‘great expectations’.

Let us make certain resolutions for 2015 and also stand by them by working every day towards them! Happy 2015!